Power Pack Unlocks This

The StrongLifts app is free to download and use to log your workouts. But you can unlock the Power Pack for a one-time fee to get even more features that help you get results and save time in the gym. Here's what you get with the Power Pack:

  • Warmup sets for workouts - tap the "warmup" tab on the log workout screen
  • Assistance work: you can add assistance exercise to the program if you want to just go to menu /settings / assistance exercise. 
  • Custom assistance: you can add your own assistance exercise by going to menu/settings/ assistance exercise/ add custom exercise.
  • Plate calculator both workout and warmups: tap the weight on log workout screen to see how much to add on each side of the bar. You can set your available bar and plates by going to menu/settings/ bar & plates.
  • 3x5/3x3/1x3: switch to different rep ranges when you're stuck with 5x5 (app will tell you when)
  • Google Fit - sync workouts and body-weight with Apple Health, get estimated calories burned
  • Locked screen notifications - log sets straight from the notifications without unlocking your phone
  • Export to csv - you can do this in the settings

Unlocking the Power Pack also keeps the app free of ads that would conflict with the simple and minimalist design of this app. We also don't sell your personal data to third parties or anything lame like that. We just sell the Power Pack for a single, one-time fee.

We're committed to building a great app that helps you in the gym, that's why we're constantly improving it. We're 100% independent and want to stay that way. If you like the app and want to support us, unlock the Power Pack.