Recovering workouts on new device

Your workouts are automatically backed up to our servers when you login with Google/Facebook. When you switch to a new device, simply login with the same account again and your workouts will show.

If this doesn't work, make sure you're logged in with the same Google/Facebook account you used previously. If you never logged in on your previous device, and you still have that device, then login with google/facebook on that device to backup your workouts on our servers. Then login with your new device using the same account and you workouts will show. 

If this also doesn't work, logout on both devices. Then login with the old device, go to menu - settings - reset. Then login again with the old device to backup your workouts again. Then login with the new device and your workouts will show.

If you don't have your old device anymore, you'll have to manually add your workouts back on the new device. Just go to the calendar and tap a date to add the workout back. You can tap the weight of a workout to change the weight to where you were at now. Make sure you login first on the new device so your workouts are backed up to our servers. This way you don't lose your workouts if you switch to another device later or lose your phone.