Recover Power Pack Purchase Android

You can restore your Power Pack purchase on your Android device by going to menu - settings - restore.

The app then checks if you purchased with the Google account setup on your phone. If it finds that you did, the features will be unlocked instantly.

If the app still asks you to purchase after this, try one of these steps:

1) Double-check you setup the account you purchased with as main account on your phone. The account on your Google Play invoice must match the account setup in your phone settings - account - google. You can check your order history here:

2) Setup your phone with the account you purchased with as main account. Google doesn't support multiple accounts properly unfortunately. You have to setup the account you purchased with as main account in phone settings - account - google or unlocking the feature may not work.

3) Reinstall the app using the account you purchased with. If another account was set as main account, you must reinstall the app from the web. Use this link: Do make sure you've logged in first with Google/Facebook from home - profile. This way your workouts are backed up and you don't lose anything after reinstalling.

4) Try to purchase again. This will force synchronization with Google servers. If google detects you already purchased it, it will unlock the features immediately.

5) Check that nothing blocks the connection between your phone and Google servers. Again, our app connects with Google's servers to check if you did purchase with the account setup on your phone. If it can't connect, it can't unlock. So disable whatever might block the connection. 

6) Use unrooted Android software. We can't guarantee our app works properly on rooted devices. So make sure you use unrooted software.

7) If nothing works you can try to contact Google directly. Here's the link:

Note that purchases are platform specific. If you purchase on Android, it will work on any other Android device. But an Android purchase won't work on an iOS device from Apple. Nor will a purchase from an Apple device work on Android. In this case you have to purchase separately for the other platform or you can use the app for free.