Power Pack vs Pro (Android)

NOTE - Power Pack is no longer for sale since May 2018. Only StrongLifts Pro is.

Power Pack users will continue to have access to Power Pack features. Even if you don't upgrade to Pro, and even if you upgrade to Pro and cancel later. We will NOT block access to any Power Pack feature you paid for. If you lose access to any Power Pack features, it’s a mistake (recovery steps  here).

What has changed:

  • Power Pack is no longer for sale. Free users must purchase Pro to access features that were part of Power Pack (warmup, plate calculator, assistance, custom assistance, 3x5/3x3/1x3, export csv, etc)
  • Pro is a yearly/quarterly recurring subscription, not a one-time payment. We need this to make more money and build highly requested features people have asked us for.
  • Pro is more expensive than Power Pack, to reflect the value people get from the app, and so we can build several highly requested features.

Right now the only difference between Pro and Power Pack is that Pro works cross-platform. 

  • The Power Pack only worked on one platform - if you purchased on android, you only had access to Power Pack features on Android, not on iOS (and vice versa). 
  • With Pro, if you purchase on Android, it will work on iOS too (and vice versa). So you only pay once with Pro, while you had to pay twice with the Power Pack.

In the future, we plan to release several features for Pro users only. At that point, you can consider upgrading to get access to those new features (more information will follow later - please don't ask when or what, we're working as fast as we can). 

For now, just keep using the Power Pack features, you do not need to upgrade to Pro, and will not lose access if you don't. 

Of course, if you like the app and want to support us so we can keep improving the app, feel free to upgrade in settings - account - Pro.

Any questions,  contact us