Power Pack vs Pro (Android)

If you purchased the StrongLifts Power Pack in the past:

  • You will continue to have access to all Power Pack features (warmup, plate calculator, adding exercises, creating exercises). 
  • You will continue to have access to all Power Pack features *even* f you don't upgrade to StrongLifts Pro
  • You will continue to have access to all Power Pack features *even* if you upgrade to Pro, don't like it, and then cancel. 
  • You will continue to have access to all Power Pack features *even* when you upgrade to StrongLifts v3
  • => We will NOT remove the Power Pack features from you. You do not have to pay for them again.

You can easily recover your Power Pack purchase by going to settings - subscription - it will say "Power Pack Lifetime access". If this doesn't work, email me at support@stronglifts.com

StrongLifts Power Pack

Power Pack was a set of features to help you get better results with StrongLifts 5x5. List:
  • Warmup calculator
  • Plate calculator
  • Adding assistance exercise, and creating your own

Power Pack was available as a one-time payment of 9.99usd until May 2018.

StrongLifts Pro

The number one complaint we received about StrongLifts over the years was that it was limited. You could only do one program with it - StrongLifts 5x5. But as you got stronger and needed a different program to continue making progress, you couldn't use the app anymore.
We fixed that with version 3 of StrongLifts for Android. You can now log any kind of program using several new Pro features:
  • Create workout C/D/E/F (to log Madcow, upper/lower splits, etc)
  • +100 exercise videos with instructions (to learn about exericse variations)
  • Coming soon: Madcow 5x5 (the main program people do after StrongLifts 5x5)
  • Coming soon: ramp sets, pyramid sets reverse pyramid sets, top back off sets (different reps/weight per sets)
  • Coming soon: create your own library of training program so you can easily switch between them wihout creating them again
  • And a lot more.

All of the features above are already available on iOS and will be coming to Android in 2022. Over the years, many StrongLifters who had Power Pack requested the above features. They said they were willing to pay extra for those features (like Madcow 5x5).

If you have the old Power Pack and only want to do StrongLIfts 5x5, then you don't need to upgrade to Pro. Just keep using what you paid for. You have all the access you had before, without needing to pay extra.

However, this would mean that you have been training for at least 3 years. Unless you didn't lift for the last 3 years, you shouldn't be doing StrongLifts 5x5 anymore at this point. This is not a program that you should be doing forever. You do it until you stop getting stronger, then you move on. StrongLifts Pro allows you to log more training programs so you continue to make progress. That's what you would upgrade to Pro for - to continue making progress beyond StrongLifts 5x5.