StrongLifts Pro Discount

We offer several discounts on StrongLifts Pro:

  • 50% discount with the yearly plan (the monthly plan is 2x more expensive)
  • 50% discount with the yearly family plan (2 yearly plans is 2x more expensive)
  • Lifetime plan - equals 3 yearly payments, after that it's free (no recurring subscription)
  • Lifetime family plan - 70% discount (6 separate lifetime plans is 3x more expensive)
  • 15% off lifetime plan - if you purchase directly from us with Paypal instead of Apple

Signup for Stronglifts Pro Lifetime at 15% discount:

Signup for Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family at 10% discount:


  • Contact us from settings - ask question (make sure you are logged in under settings - account)
  • Include a copy of your paypal receipt
  • If you signup to the family plan, include the email of each family member (settings - profile)
  • Send to

We'll then add the lifetime access to the account you use to login into the app.