Free vs Pro (Android)

You can do the full StrongLifts 5x5 program for free. But you can unlock StrongLifts Pro to get even better results. 

Here's the difference between the free and paid version of StrongLifts.


  • Full basic training program - StrongLifts 5x5 workout A/B
  • Automation weight progression (if successfull or failed sets)
  • Automatic rest timer notifications
  • History, calendar, progress graphs
  • Videos/instructions for the 5 main lifts


With StrongLifts Pro you can log any training program, not just StrongLifts 5x5. And you get access to several features to save you time and thinking in the gym, so you can focus more on lifting.

  • Log any workout program
    • Go to home - edit
    • Here you can add one or several exercises, or create your own exercises
    • You can reorder exercises, remove them or substitute one exercise for another
    • You can change the sets/reps (5x5 Deadlifts, 3x12 Squats, 3x20 abs, whatever you want)
    • You can add extra workouts C/D/E/F (to log an upper/lower split, or any other routine)
    • You can log more than 5 sets (7 sets of 7 reps, 10 sets of 10 reps, 8 sets of 3 reps, etc)
  • Create unlimited programs
    • Create and save an unlimited amount of training routines, then easily switch between them without recreating them each time.
    • You can create as many programs as you want, and easily switch back and forth between them. This saves you a ton of time!
    • Ex: 6 weeks StrongLifts 5x5, then 6 weeks program A, then 6 weeks program B, then 6 weeks program C, then back to program A.
    • You only need to setup a program once. Then you can easily reuse it later.
    • Set this up in home - edit
  • Create exercises
    • Go to home - edit - tap a workout - add exercise - create
    • Here you can create any exercise you want do that's not part of the default list (which has +100 exercises, the most common ones).
    • You can create exercises that use a barbell, body weight, dumbbells, machines, etc
    • If your exercise uses plates (like barbells, machines, etc), the plate calculator will show for that exercise
    • For each exercise you create you'll have the increment/deload options so the weight automatically progresses (you can set this differently per exercise)
  • Log Any Sets and Reps
    • Start workout - tap the weight - disable straight sets
    • Now you can set different reps and/or weights per set.
    • You can set ramp sets like for Madcow (ex: 5x100, 5x110, 5x120, 5x130, 5x140kg)
    • You can set a pyramid set (ex: 10x60, 8x70, 6x80, 4x90, 6x80, 8x70, 10x60kg)
    • You can set a top/backoff set (ex: 5x160kg, 4x5 140kg)
    • You can log more than 5 sets (10 sets of 10 reps, 7 sets of 7 reps, 8 sets of 3 reps, etc)
    • This gives you the flexiblity to log any kind of training program
  • Advanced StrongLifts 5x5 
    • Home - edit - program - select StrongLifts 5x5. 
    • Go to workouts and tap "reset" in the top right corner.
    • Here you'll find extra options to customize StrongLifts 5x5 
    • Assistance work for arms, abs, chest, back, etc. Get recommended exercises with sets/reps programmed for you.
    • 5x5 Deadlifts - if you think you can do more Deadlifts, this setting changes the program to make that possible.
    • Light Squat day - if you don't want to Squat heavy each workout, just enable that.
  • Madcow 5x5
    • Home - edit - program - select Madcow 5x5. More info
    • This is the most popular program StrongLifters do when they're stuck/bored of StrongLIfts 5x5.
    • Madcow 5x5 uses the same exercises and rep ranges as StrongLifts 5x5 but has more variety and a light Squat day.
    • You can select several options to customize the program (assistance work, prioritizing Dl, incline vs ohp, etc)
    • Then select your desired progression, on-ramp period, how hard you want the workouts to be, and start
    • Everything will be calculated for you, the three workouts A/B/C created. All you have to do is lift!
  • Warmup calculator
    • Start workout - tap warmup
    • You'll see see the exact sets, reps and weights to warmup with for any weight or exercise
    • The warmup calculator helps you warmup optimally for your worksets so you lift more. It also decreases the risk of injury.
  • Plate calculator
    • Tap start workout - then tap the weight next to an exercise.
    • Here you'll find a visual of the types of plates to add on each side of the bar, and how many
    • This works for any plate setup or bar weight you may have (you can set this up on the same screen)
    • The plate calculator saves you from doing math between sets so you can focus more on lifting.
  • +100 Exercise Videos with instructions
    • Tap "videos" at the bottom of the homescreen
    • You'll find +100 exercise videos with instructions
    • Learn the proper from, and find out about new exercises (assistance, substitutes, etc)
  • Advanced Automatic Weight Progression
    • Start workout - tap the weight - tap increments
    • Set the increment frequency to add weight every 2 or 3 workouts instead of 1 workout
    • Disable deload if you don't want StrongLifts to automatically decrease the weight if you fail
    • Change the deload percentage from 10% to 5-25% (maybe you prefer a bigger drop when you fail)
    • Set the deload frequency to decrease the weight after 1 or 2 failed workouts already instead of 3
    • This gives you more control over how the weight progresses after a successful or failed session.
  • Google Fit
    • Enable in StrongLifts - settings - Google Fit (need StrongLifts v3.0.10 or later)
    • StrongLifts will sync your workouts, body-weight, estimated calories burned, and total workout time with Google Fit
  • Plus a lot, lot more
    • This is just the start, we're just getting warmed up.
    • So far we've released 24 app updates in 2022. 
    • Most of these updates are the result of feature requests from StrongLIfters like you.
    • Our roadmap has many more feature requests that we plan to add in future versions of StrongLifts.
    • Email us if you have a request - we'd love to hear it -

Available Plans

StrongLifts is available as a yearly or monthly recurring subscription... or as one-time, lifetime, non-recurring payment.

  • StrongLifts Pro Yearly: 
    • Most popular plan. Save 50% compared to the monthly plan.
    • Comes with a 7 day free trial. Try StrongLifts Pro risk-free for 7 days. Cancel anytime before day 7 and you pay nothing. 
    • The price of StrongLifts Pro yearly is what you'd pay for one small tub of whey protein. It's 50x cheaper than a coach.
    • The price depends on your location (local taxes may apply). To see the exact price, go to settings - subscriptions.
    • => Upgrade in settings - subscriptions - pick yearly plan
  • StrongLifts Pro Lifetime
    • Second most popular plan.
    • Pay once, get lifetime access. No recurring subscription. You never pay again.
    • The price of StrongLifts Pro lifetime is about the same as 3 years of StrongLifts Pro yearly.
    • If you're serious about lifting and plan to do it for many years, this is the most cost effective plan.
    • Many StrongLifters start with the yearly plan then upgrade to lifetime after a few months.
    • => Upgrade in settings - subscriptions - pick lifetime plan
  • StrongLifts Pro Monthly
    • The most flexible, but also most expensive plan.
    • Pay monthly, cancel anytime. If you lift for 1 year, you'd pay double the cost of the yearly plan.
    • This plan isn't that popular. Most people pick monthly to try Pro for a month or two. Then they switch to yearly/lifetime.
    • => Upgrade in settings - subscriptions - pick monthly plan (you can upgrade to yearly/lifetime from here later).

StrongLifts Pro Discounts

For discounts, see this:

How to Buy Pro

You can upgrade to Pro inside the StrongLifts app. 

  1. Make sure you have the latest app version installed -
  2. Open StrongLifts - settings – subscription - choose your plan - upgrade.

Done. You’ll get access to all the Stronglifts Pro features after that.

Any payment issues, see this -