How to Buy The Power Pack

You can buy the Power Pack from the log workout screen.

Log a new workout, then tap the warmup tab at the top. You'll get the Power Pack slides listing all features you're about to get access to. Just tap the yellow button at the bottom "Unlock Power Pack". Then confirm your purchase.

Payment Methods

Apple handles all payments. The accepted payment methods depend on your country. But they usually include credit cards and gift cards. You can check the full list of accepted payment methods for your country, and how to add payment methods here:

Note that we are currently unable to accept payments directly. The only way to purchase is through Apple (or Google if you have an Android device).

Account Billed

The Apple ID account setup in your phone settings will be billed when you purchase the Power Pack. For more information see this:

Note that the Google/Facebook account you used to login in our app (under settings - account) does not handle purchases. It only handles backup of your workouts on our servers. Apple processes all payments and recovery of purchases, using the Apple ID account setup on your phone.

Payment Issues

If you can't purchase the Power Pack, please try this:

If none of this works, try this: