How to Add Assistance Exercises (iPhone)

You can add assistance exercises from the workout screen. Just tap "edit workout" in the bottom right of the screen (Pro feature only).

You don't have to do extra assistance exercises. The main StrongLifts 5x5 exercises are enough to gain strength and muscle. However if you want to target certain body-parts, you can do so by adding assistance exercises. You can find assistance exercises we recommend, or create your own.

Default Assistance Exercises

We have created several assistance exercises for you. They show inside the workout screen - tap edit workout in the bottom right. We've preset the sets and reps, workout and progression we recommend for these default assistance exercises. Here's the full list...

  • Chinups and Dips. We recommend these two assistance exercises to increase upper-body strength and mass, especially for bigger arms.
  • Barbell Curls and Skullcrushers. Isolation exercises for biceps and triceps. Add chinups and dips before you add these two exercises.
  • Planks and Hanging Knee raises. Target your ab muscles. Keep in mind proper diet is key, without it your abs will not show.
  • Seated and standing calf raises. To target your calves, although keep in mind genetics may mean these have little impact.
  • Paused Bench Press, Close Grip Bench, Dumbbell Bench Press. Assistance exercises to help your Bench Press.

You can change the sets and reps for the exercises if you prefer to do something else. You can also customize the order or workout in which they prefer. You can do all of this inside the workout screen - edit workout. You can add/remove/reorder exercises here.

For more information about assistance work for StrongLifts 5x5, read the article on the website