Beta Testing StrongLifts v3 on Android

We've created a totally new app for Android - StrongLifts v3!

Design and features are the same as before, but there's a lot more workout customization.

Here's what's new:

  • NEW: fully customize workout A/B (any sets/reps, any exercises, any exercise order)
  • NEW: create extra workouts C/D/E/F (home - edit)
  • NEW: graphs for ALL exercises (incl assistance exercises)
  • NEW: graphs for TOTAL (sq+bp+dl) 
  • NEW: view graphs by 30m, 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y, or all
  • NEW: set increment frequency (ex: add 2.5kg every 3 workouts)
  • NEW: set deload amount and frequency (ex: deload 20% after 1 fail)
  • NEW: set workout schedules (home - edit)
  • NEW: warmup for all exercises
  • NEW: +100 exercises to pick from
  • NEW: +100 exercise videos with instructions
  • NEW: dark mode
  • NEW: Pro lifetime option (pay once, no subcription)

v3 is currently in BETA. The code is stable, main features are working, and we've already fixed the main issues StrongLifters reported.

If you're interested in beta-testing v3, follow the instructions below


  • Beta is for tech-savvy users only. 
  • v3 is stable at this point, and works better than v2 live. We're close to releasing it live.
  • Your purchase will continue to work on the beta. If your purchase is missing, recover it in settings - subscriptions
  • You won't lose any data when you install the beta. If you're missing data, contact us (we have backups)
  • Do not use v3 then go back to v2 - both apps use different servers. Any workout logged no v3 will not show when you go back to v2. And several features in v3 are not available on v2 (like workout customization). So stick with v3 and contact us if you have issues.

How to Install the BETA


  • Prefered: StrongLifts - settings - contact us (so we have your device info)
  • Or email
  • Save everyone time by describing the issue you have, what the app is doing, what you expect it's doing
  • Screenshot and/or screen recordings make it even easier to understand issues, so please include that.

Change Log


  • Google fit
Beta #24 - Oct 27th 2021
  • NEW: automatic deload after break
  • NEW: negative weight (ex: assisted dips)
  • NEW: app icon updated
  • FIX: warmup improvements
  • FIX: video improvements
  • FIX: notes future workouts lost

Beta #23 - Oct 15th 2021

  • NEW: lower music volume when timer rings
  • CHANGE: graphs colors
  • FIX: timer freezing when switching apps
  • FIX: plank timer feedback when starting set
  • FIX: history formatting for Deadlifts
  • FIX: graphs exercise bookmarks
  • FIX: warmups when 2 exercises from same category

Beta #21-22 - Oct 8th 2021

  • NEW: +100 exercise videos with instructions
  • FIX: crash when switching workouts, changing weight ohp

Beta #20 - Sep 30rd 2021

  • NEW: calendar
  • NEW: note history
  • FIX: updating sets/reps not applied to next workouts

Beta #19 - Sep 23rd 2021

  • FIX: done sets lost, history showing skipped
  • FIX: tap change weight doesn't respond
  • FIX: incorrect weight for graphs total

Beta #18 - Sep 15th 2021

  • NEW: vibration when timer rings
  • NEW: warmup for custom exercises
  • FIX: timer cut off on bigger fonts
  • FIX: plate settings resetting 
  • FIX: body-weight applied to next workouts
  • FIX: various improvements to timer, plates, warmup, graphs

Beta #17 - Sep 8th 2021

  • NEW: Graphs rebuilt from scratch
  • NEW: Graphs for ALL exercises
  • NEW: Graphs for TOTAL (sq+bp+dl)
  • NEW: Pinch/zoom and scroll on graphs
  • NEW: View graphs by 30m, 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y, or all

Beta #16 - Aug 26th 2021

  • FIX: editing a created exercise removes it from the workout
  • FIX: workout C/D/E/F removed from workout after an app reinstall
  • FIX: default increment for created exercises is now 2.5kg/5lb
  • FIX: increments no longer rounding 1.25kg to 1.2kg
  • FIX: created exercise category vertical pull saved as vertical push
  • FIX: seated/standing calf raise uses bar as default equipment now

Beta #15 - Aug 23th 2021

  • NEW: icon to indicate you can tap the weight to change it
  • FIX: history showing done exercises as skipped plus various improvements
  • FIX: exercise weights/increments settings reset to old values
  • FIX: body-weight resets every workout to old value
  • FIX: starting weights reset after first time use
  • FIX: Pro screen stuck in some cases

Beta #14 - Aug 19th 2021

  • FIX: empty workout/crash caused by some assistance exercises

Beta #13 - Aug 13th 2021

  • FIX: crash on startup still affecting some StrongLifters after warmup fix in beta #9 (that was a hard one!)

Beta #12 - Aug 12th 2021

  • FIX: crash on startup affecting some StrongLifters
  • FIX: initial warmup sets DL/Row
  • FIX: workout progression when skipping workouts

Beta #11 - Aug 11th 2021

  • FIX: missing initial warmup sets
  • FIX: incorrect unit in the history list

Beta #10 - Aug 11th 2021

  • FIX: crash after update to beta 9, caused by warmup fix. Prevents having to clear cache to start the app.

Beta #9 - Aug 10th 2021

  • FIX: warmup still show "no warmup needed" for some users
  • FIX: increments not being correctly applied in some cases
  • NOTE: that warmup issue was hard to fix, we couldn't reproduce it! Some people are experiencing a crash after the update to beta 9. Try to clear your cache, if that doesn't work delete/reinstall the app. That will fix it.

Beta #8 - Aug 7th 2021

  • FIX: "no warmup needed" showing for some Stronglifters
  • FIX: bar weight changes aren't saved for some
  • FIX: max 100 workouts imported from v2
  • FIX: exercises created in v2 missing in v3

Beta #7 - Aug 4th 2021

  • FIX: timer and plank timer improvements
  • FIX: warmup calculation when using lb
  • FIX: power pack missing after update v3 (unlock manually in settings - subscriptions)
  • FIX: increments 0 after update v3 (change increments in workout - tap weight - increments)
  • FIX: crash when editing exercise

Beta #6 - Jul 27th 2021

  • NEW: timer settings for successful/failed sets (go to settings - timer)
  • NEW: timer settings to set multiple notifications (go to settings - timer to set notifications at 1m30/3min if you want)
  • NEW: timer notifications when rest period is up
  • NEW: auto-lock display (settings - auto-lock display)
  • FIX: timer covering body-weight/exercises-warmup sets
  • FIX: plate calculator shows for every warmup set
  • FIX: weight per side shows correctly for every weight
  • FIX: warmup screen showing no weight/bar
  • FIX: warmup timer last set didn't show 3min rest
  • FIX: changes to bar, plates, increments don't save
  • FIX: "apply to all exercises" didn't work for increments
  • FIX: switch kg/lb or lb/kg not applied to ongoing workouts
  • FIX: added exercises disappear when switching screens
  • FIX: change weight of next workouts don't save

Beta #5 - July 11th 2021

  • NEW: added history screen (tap calendar icon - list)

Beta #4 - July 6th 2021

  • FIX: data migration from v2 to v3 failing for some StrongLifters

Beta #3 - July 6th 2021

  • First beta release of v3.