Android Beta Testing

You can install the StrongLifts beta version to get access to new features and improvements before anyone else.

We use beta releases to test new features, and catch issues before releasing them to everyone. As a beta-user, we appreciate if you can let us know about issues you find. This allows us to fix them before sending the release to everyone.


  • Beta is for tech-savvy users only. 
  • While we test before releasing a beta, issues may arise. If you don't want issues ever, don't install the beta. 
  • Your purchase will continue to work on the beta (you do not get free access to paid features if you haven't upgraded yet)
  • You won't lose any data when you install the beta (make sure you are logged in with google/facebook, do an export in settings - export csv to be sure)

How to Install the BETA

Just go here and follow the steps:

Important - after installing the beta, you might not see any immediate difference with the live version. This will especially be the case if there's no new beta at the moment, but if the beta version matches the live version. Just be patient until we release the next beta version of StrongLifts

You can leave the beta using the same link. Just click the link and choose leave beta.