Workouts Don't Show in Apple Health

Health integration works if everything is set properly. If it doesn't work for you, try this:

1) Enable all Health Permissions. Open the Health app - sources - StrongLifts - enable it all.

2) Enable workouts and active energy. This is also in Health app - health data - all. Enable active energy and workouts here so they show on your dashboard

3) Enable Health in our app. This is in settings - health - put the button on.

4) Prioritize our app over all out sources, see

5) Log a new workout. Old workouts won't show in Health, only new ones. Log a new workout in our app for today (double check the date at the top, you can change it through the menu if needed). Tap done and the workout will show in Health. Please note that active calories will be zero if you quickly enter a workout. You have to log an actual workout of 30-60mins to get the calorie estimation to show.

6) Make sure you have the latest version of iOS. As there was an issue in earlier versions of iOS 10 that prevented proper syncing with Health. Apple fixed this with the latest version of iOS. So make sure you have the last version.

7) If you have an Apple Watch, do not track your workouts using both your apple watch and our app. Apple will save the apple watch data instead of ours so it won't show in Health. If you want StrongLifts data to show from us, only use our app and not the apple watch for tracking.

8) Try to disable other apps syncing with health. People have mentioned that the Nike and MFP apps both seem to create conflicts. Check if disabling health sync for those apps and any other you may have fixes the sync. 

9) Make sure you've entered your body-weight in your workout. Health needs your body-weight to estimate how many calories you burned. If body-weight is not entered, the workout will not sync. So enter your body-weight in the log workout screen (at the bottom of the last exercise).

10) Try to uninstall the app and install it again. Make sure you've logged in with facebook/google first so your workouts are backed up to our servers. You can do an additional export of your workouts through settings - export just in case. After you reinstall the app, login again and your workouts will be back. Check if Apple Health works then.

Done. If this doesn't work, contact us from the app with the exact steps to reproduce workouts not syncing.