How to Recover The Power Pack

You can easily restore your Power Pack purchase by going to settings - restore purchases.

The app checks if you purchased with the Apple ID account setup on your phone. If it finds that you did, the features will be unlocked instantly.

If this doesn't work, it usually means your phone is setup with a different Apple ID account than you purchased with. Try this:

  1. Check the account used to purchase  -
  2. Setup the same Apple ID account in your phone settings - iTunes & App Store - Apple ID.
  3. Sign out from iTunes and login again (phone settings - iTunes & App Store - Apple ID - Sign Out)
  4. Reinstall the app using this link -
  5. Try to purchase it again. If you already purchased with that account, Apple will recognize this and unlock the purchase instantly.  
  6. If you get an error - "Can't connect to the App store" - try this

If none of this works there might be a problem with your Apple ID account. Try to contact Apple directly. Link:

Purchases are Platform Specific

If you purchase on Apple, the purchase will work on every other Apple device (iPhone, iPad,. But an Android purchase won't work on an Apple device. Nor will a purchase on an Apple device work on Android.

If you switch from Android to Apple or Apple to Android, all your workouts will be back after you login, and you can keep using the app for free. But if you also want access to the Power Pack, you'll have to purchase it separately on that new platform.

Purchased Can't Be Transferred

It's not possible to transfer a purchase from one account to the other as Apple/Google doesn't give us any such controls. Please continue using the same account you purchased with to continue having access. If you lost access to that account, you will need to purchase on the new account.