How to Recover Power Pack (iPhone)

IMPORTANT - The Power Pack is no longer for sale since May 2018. Only StrongLifts Pro is.

If you purchased the StrongLifts Power Pack in the past, you will continue to have access to all Power Pack features (warmup, plate calculator, assistance). Even if you don't upgrade to StrongLifts Pro, and even if you upgrade to Pro and then cancel Pro. We will NOT remove the Power Pack features from you. You do not have to pay for them again.

You can easily recover your Power Pack purchase by going to settings - restore purchases. 

If Power Pack Stops Working

StrongLifts checks the Apple ID setup on your phone, and if it finds a purchase, unlocks the Power Pack features. So make sure you're signed in with that account.

  1. Check that you purchased with this Apple ID. Go to your phone Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, view Apple ID, swipe up to Purchase history. See
  2. Change your Apple ID if you're not using the one you purchased with. Go to your phone settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID. See
  3. Enable in-app purchases in your phone settings > general > restrictions. See
  4. Try to restart your device. See
  5. Try settings - restore purchases.

If none of this works there might be a problem with your Apple ID account. Try to contact Apple directly. Link:

Power Pack Only Works on One Platform!

The Power Pack does not work cross-platform. It only works on the platform you purchased. This means

  • If you purchased Power Pack on Android, it will work on any other Android device.
  • If you purchased Power Pack on iOS, it will work on any other iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • But an Android Power Pack purchase will not work on an iOS device, nor will an iOS Power Pack purchase work on and Android device.

The reason for this is that Apple and Google do not want you to switch platform. They want to lock you in, and blocking the transfer of purchases is one way to do this. It's like moving to from Playstation to Xbox - you have to buy the game again.

We have solved this issue with the new StrongLifts Pro subscription. It now works like Netflix - as long as you're subscribed, all the paid features will work - regardless of whether you use an Android or iOS device. You do not have to pay twice anymore. You only pay once for your subscription.

So you can keep using the Power Pack on your old device, use the app for free on the new device, or unlock Pro.

Power Pack Can't Be Transferred

It's not possible to transfer a Power Pack purchase from one account to the other as Apple doesn't give us such controls. Please use the same Apple ID you purchased with to continue having access. If you lost access to that Apple ID account, you will need to purchase on the new account. Power Pack is no longer available for sale, so you'll have to purchase Pro.