How to Recover Power Pack (Android)

IMPORTANT - The Power Pack is no longer for sale since May 2018. Only StrongLifts Pro is.

If you purchased the StrongLifts Power Pack in the past

  • You will continue to have access to all Power Pack features (warmup, plate calculator, adding exercises, creating exercises, export to csv). 
  • You will continue to have access *even* f you don't upgrade to StrongLifts Pro
  • You will continue to have access *even* if you upgrade to Pro, don't like it, and then cancel. 
  • You will continue to have access *even* when you upgrade to the latest StrongLifts v3 BETA (see below)
  • => We will NOT remove the Power Pack features from you. You do not have to pay for them again.

You can easily recover your Power Pack purchase by going to settings - restore purchases (beta v3: Stronglifts - subscriptions)

If Power Pack Stops Working

StrongLifts checks the main Google Play account setup on your phone, and if it finds a purchase, unlocks the Power Pack features. So make sure the main Google Play account is the one you purchased with.

  1. Install the latest version of Google Play and related apps -
  2. Double-check you purchased with this Google account. Check your order history here -
  3. Set the account you purchased with as main account. See "switch accounts" here -
  4. Restart your phone, check if the Power Pack features work now.
  5. Delete secondary Google Play accounts. Some people say they cause conflicts. Delete them so you only the Google Play account you used to purchase shows. See - You may have to restart your
  6. Make sure you use official, unrooted Android software. We don't support rooted device.
  7. Make sure nothing is blocking the connection with Google Play. StrongLifts needs to talk with Google Play to check that you purchased.

If none of this works, there may be a problem with your Google account. Try to contact Google directly. Link

Recovering Power Pack on StrongLifts v3 BETA

StrongLifts v3 is currently in beta. Here too, ALL Power Pack features keep working. Nothing has been taken away. 

If your Power Pack doesn't work after you upgrade to v3, just recover it. Steps:

  1. Go to StrongLifts - Settings - subscriptions. StrongLifts will check your google account, and recover the purchase. It will then say "StrongLifts Power Pack Lifetime"
  2. Doesn't work? Go to settings - profile - logout. Then go back to settings - subscriptions. Power Pack will work now. Log back in from settings - profile.
  3. Still doesn't work? Email me support @

You will see that you're not only keeping all your original power pack features (warmup, plate calc, adding exercises), we have also given you access to several new features that free users do not have access to but need to purchase Pro for. That includes: advanced progression settings for increments/deload, fully customizing workout A/B (reorder/remove any exercise, set any sets/reps, etc). So we definittely do NOT remove access with v3 - we ADD access.