How to Recover The Power Pack

Any Android Power Pack purchase can easily be recover on an another Android device. 

Just setup your phone with the same Google Play account you used to Purchase. StrongLifts check this account, and if it finds the purchase, unlocks the Power Pack. You don't have to purchase again if you setup the same Google Play account you used to purchase.

Setup Google Play

Google Play must bet setup with the account you used to purchase the Power Pack.

  1. Open the Google Play app on your phone
  2. Tap 3-bar menu icon in the top navigation bar
  3. In the menu select the account you used to purchase the Power Pack.

After this, open StrongLifts and the Power Pack will be unlocked.

Please note that the account you used to purchase the Power Pack must be the main account setup in Google Play. StrongLifts only checks the main account. If you change the account you purchased with in Google Play, the Power Pack will be locked. So setup the same account you used to purchase.

If This Doesn't Work...

  1. Double-check you actually purchased with this Google account. Check your order history here -
  2. Install the latest version of Google Play -
  3. Reinstall the app using the account you purchased with. You won't lose workouts if you're logged in (check in StrongLifts -  settings - account). Then reinstall the app from the web using this link Some people have reported restarting your phone is necessary after uninstall the app, and before installing it again.
  4. Purchase the Power Pack again to force synchronisation with Google servers. Google will detect that you already purchased and thus unlock the features. Google will not charge you again if you've setup the same Google Play account you purchased with. So make sure you've setup the same Google Play account first.
  5. Disable software that blocks the connection with Google servers. Our app needs to connect with them to check that you purchased.
  6. Use unrooted Android software. We don't support rooted device.

If none of this works, there may be a problem with your Google account. Try to contact Google directly. Link

Purchases are Platform Specific

If you purchase on Android, the purchase will work on every other Android device. But an Android purchase won't work on an Apple device. Nor will a purchase on an Apple device work on Android.

If you switch from Android to Apple or Apple to Android, all your workouts will be back after you login, and you can keep using the app for free. But if you also want access to the Power Pack, you'll have to purchase it separately on that new platform.

Purchased Can't Be Transferred

It's not possible to transfer a purchase from one account to the other as Google/Apple doesn't give us any such controls. Please continue using the same account you purchased with to continue having access. If you lost access to that account, you will need to purchase on the new account.