How to Contact Us (iPhone)

There are two ways you can contact us:

  • Prefered: StrongLifts - settings - about - contact us.
  • Email:

I prefer if you contact us from the app (settings - about - contact us). This sends me your device information (app version, device model, iOS version, account, purchases, etc). It saves us both time by reducing back and forth emails to get that information.

Before You Contact Us

Many issues are fixed by updating to the latest version of StrongLifts/your device.

  1. Update StrongLifts -
  2. Update your iPhone/iPad. Go to iPhone - settings - general - software update
  3. Update your Watch. On your iPhone, open the Watch app - my Watch - General - Software update
  4. Setup Apple Mail with your Apple ID as email so you can contact us from the app. See:
  5. Login with Apple, Google, or Facebook inside StrongLifts - settings - account (so we can check your workout history if needed)
  6. Check if your question/issue is covered in the FAQ -

When You Contact Us

Issues that I can reproduce are fixed faster. I can't read your mind or see what's happpening on your device. So please include information to help me reproduce the issue:

  • What did the app do (or not do)?
  • What should the app have done instead?
  • What are the steps to reproduce this issue?
  • Include a screen recording of the issue -
  • Or include screenshots of the issue

Our Process

  • You usually get a reply from me within 72 hours.
  • If you got no reply, check your spam or junk folder. Search for
  • Bugs are never fixed immediately. They are documented, then triaged based on severity (# of people impacted, existence of workaround, etc).
  • When a bug is fixed, I email you. This can take days, weeks or months depending on the severity of the bug. A bug only affecting you will take longer to fix than one affecting 100s of people.