Stronglifts: How to Recover Pro (Android)

StrongLifts checks the main Google Play account setup on your phone, and if it finds an active subscription, it will unlock the Pro features. Make sure the main Google Play account is the one you purchased with, and that you have an active Pro subscription.

To recover StrongLifts Pro, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Select "Settings"

Stronglifts Weightlifting app home screen

  1. Select Account

Stronglifts Settings screen

  1. Select "Restore Purchase"

If it doesn't work:

  1. Install the latest version of Google Play and related apps -
  2. Double-check you purchased with this Google account. Check your order history here -
  3. Set the account you purchased with as main account. See "switch accounts" here -
  4. Restart your phone, check if the Pro features work now.
  5. Remove secondary Google Play accounts. Some people say they cause conflicts. Remove them so you only the Google Play account you used to purchase shows. See - You may have to restart your phone.
  6. Make sure you use official, unrooted Android software. We don't support rooted device.
  7. Make sure nothing is blocking the connection with Google Play. StrongLifts needs to talk with Google Play to check that you purchased.

If none of this works, there may be a problem with your Google account. Try to contact Google directly. Link

iOS to Android

StrongLifts Pro works cross-platform. Which means if you purchased Pro on iOS, it will work on Android. Simply login with the same Google/Facebook/Apple account, and your Pro purchase will be back under settings - subscription. If this doesn't work, contact us.