Stronglifts: How to Change Barbell Weight (Android)

StrongLifts comes pre-set with a barbell weight of 20kg/45lb on every exercise - all the main ones, as well as assistance you choose/create. This is because Olympic Barbells weigh 20kg/45lb.

You can change the barbell weight like this:

  1. Select "Start" workout or select the workout itself

Stronglifts Weightlifting home screen

  1. Select "Sets x Reps x Weight"

Stronglifts app workout screen

  1. Select "Bar Weight"

Stronglifts exercise settings screen

This bar weight setting is used for the weight distribution in the plate calculator and when you tap the weight. All exercise weights include the weight of the bar because you lift it. So, if the app says 60kg/135lb Squat, that's 20kg/45lb on each side of the bar, with the default bar weight setting of 20kg/45lb.

You can get a break down of how many plates to add and which one to add on each side of the bar when you tap the weight on the main log workout screen. The plate calculator will show if you have  Stronglifts Pro. If your bar does not weigh 20kg/45lb, change it so you have an accurate breakdown.

If your barbell has an odd weight of 9kg or 21lb, just enter 10kg/21lb. While this isn't 100% accurate, that is not the goal. As long as you use the same bar each workout, if the weight goes up because you're adding heavier/more plates on the bar, you are getting stronger - doesn't matter if the weight you lift is off by 1kg in this case. You're not trying to set an official world record. You're training.

The benefit of rounding your bar weight to 10kg when it weighs 9kg, is that the plate breakdown when you tap the weight will be simpler.

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