Stronglifts: How To Sync Stronglifts Workouts To Strava (Android)

Many Stronglifts users use Strava to track their running and cycling workouts. They often do strength training to improve their running and cycling performance. And so, a common request is to sync Stronglifts workouts to Strava, so everything is in one place.

Right now, Stronglifts does not offer direct integration with Strava. However, you can use third-party apps to easily sync your Stronglifts workouts to Strava.

Sync Stronglifts to Strava on Android

Here's how to sync your Stronglifts workouts to Strava if you're using an Android device.

  1. Open Stronglifts > Settings > Google Fit > Enable.
  2. Install the app "Health Sync"
  3. In the base sync source: select Google Fit
  4. Select sync configuration: select destination app "Strava"
  5. Accept Declaration of consent
  6. Tap Enable notifications
  7. Tap Check google account connection: select google account linked to Google Fit
  8. Tap initialize Strava connection: Authorize health sync to connect to Strava
  9. Health Sync: select "activities" - Allow health sync to access physical activity
  10. Allow Health Sync to access your Google account
  11. Tap sync icon to sync activities to Strava
  12. All Stronglifts workouts are now uploaded to Strava

Note about Strava

Please note that Strava offers limited support for strength training workouts. It will only show total workout time, average heart rate and calories burned. You will not see the exercises, sets, reps and weights that you lifted during your Stronglifts workouts.

Here's an example of how your Stronglifts workouts will look on STRAVA

Stronglifts Workouts Strava