How to Sync with Google Fit (Android)

Note: update to StrongLifts v3.0.10 or later to get access to Google Fit sync.

StrongLifts syncs your workouts, calories burned and body-weight with Google Fit

You can enable Google Fit in StrongLifts - settings - Google Fit - enable (this requires Pro).

Here's how it works:

  • Body-weight: StrongLifts will pull your body-weight from Google Fit so you don't need to enter it manually. Example: you may have a digital scale synced with Google Fit. When you weigh yourself, your body-weight will sync to Google Fit and then to StrongLifts. If you manually enter your weight in StrongLifts, it will sync back to Google Fit.
  • Workout: StrongLifts will sync your done workouts and workout duration to Google Fit. They will account for your daily activity goals.
  • Calories: StrongLifts will sync your estimated calories burned to Google Fit.

If new workouts don't show in Google Fit, please check this:

  • Install the latest version of Google Fit -
  • Enable Google Fit in StrongLifts - settings - Google Fit - enable. 
  • Check that you're connected with the internet (no airplane mode)
  • Check that Google Fit is setup with the same account that you set in StrongLifts - settings - Google Fit (you may be checking a different account in Google Fit)
  • Your workout should be at least 15min long, otherwise it can be ignored by Google Fit. So quick test workouts won't show in Google Fit.
  • Only workouts logged after you enabled Google Fit will sync. Workouts logged before that will not sync to Google Fit.