How to Sync with Google Fit (Android)

The app syncs your body-weight and new workouts with Google Fit when you upgrade to StrongLifts Pro.

The app will update your body-weight in Google Fit if you enter it in our app. Or it will update your weight in the app if you enter it in Google Fit. If you have a digital scale connected to Google Fit, it will automatically update your body-weight into the app. This saves you entering it twice.

New workouts will also show in Google Fit, with total workout time and calories burned. We estimate calories using your workout duration and body-weight. This isn't 100% accurate, but no calorie calculator ever is. The point is to give you a rough idea. Lifting weights is about more than burning calories anyway.

If new workouts don't show in Google Fit, please check this:

  • Make sure you have installed the Google Fit app, and are running the latest version. Link -
  • Enable Google Fit in our app - settings - Google Fit. If it's enabled, disable it then enable it again to force a sync. The app needs an internet connection to sync with Google Fit. So make sure your internet works and nothing is blocking the connection with Google's servers.
  • Setup the Google Fit app with the same account. It must match the account setup in our app for your workouts to show. Disable Google Fit in our app, enable it again, and notice the account it's setup with. Then setup the same account in the settings of the Google Fit app.
  • Log a new workout today in our app. Then refresh the data in the Google Fit app. Note that caloried burned will show as zero if you quickly enter a workout. Your workout must last longer than 5 minutes for estimated calories burned to show.

Please note that old workouts won't show in Google Fit. Only new workouts will show. You can however manually add old workouts in Google Fit if you want.