How to Sync with Apple Health

StrongLifts syncs your body-weight and new workouts with Apple Health.

Apple Health to StrongLifts:

  • Apple Health Body-weight will be pulled into StrongLifts so you don't have to enter it every workout (helpful if you have a digital scale connect with Apple Health)

StrongLifts to Apple Health

  • New StrongLifts workouts will be sent to Apple Health
  • Total workout time are sent to Apple Health
  • Calories burned for StrongLifts workouts are sent to Apple health (estimated using workout duration and body-weight. This isn't 100% accurate but no calorie calculator ever is. The point is to give you a rough idea. Plus, the point of lifting weights is not to burn calories but to get stronger/build muscle. If you want to burn a lot more calories, add cardio.)

Note that StrongLifts workouts are never pulled back from Apple Health to StrongLifts. We send them to Apple Health but never pull them back. We have our own backup system in place to recover your workouts from our servers when you login with Google/Facebook under settings - account. More info here

Workouts Don't Sync

If new workouts don't show in Apple Health, please check this:

  1. Open StrongLifts and go to settings - Apple Health. Enable "Sync with Apple Health" so a green button shows.
  2. Open the Health app. Tap "Sources" a the bottom and choose StrongLifts. Allow StrongLifts to write data for Active Energy, Weight, and Workouts. These three options must all have a green button so StrongLifts can update Apple Health.
  3. Log a new workout. Set the date of the workout as today (tap the date at the top). Enter all sets then tap done. Calories will be low because the workout only lasted a couple of seconds as you entered it quickly. But the workout should show.

Please note that old workouts won't show in Apple Health. Only new workouts will show.

Note also that StrongLifts syncs with Apple Health. It does not work with Apple Watch or Activity at this moment. So open Apple Health.

Workout Stopped Syncing

If your workouts used to sync with Apple Health, but suddenly don't., try this

  1. Go to settings - export - export to csv. Keep this file, it has a copy of your workouts.
  2. Go to settings - account. Double-check that you are logged in. Logged in if you aren't so your workouts are backed up on our servers
  3. Delete the app, reinstall it -
  4. Skip the login after you reinstall, go to the homescreen, log a workout, check that it shows in health
  5. If it shows, go to settings - account - log back in with google/facebook - log another workout - check if it shows in health

Usually the above processes fixes the syncing. IF it doesn't work for you, contact us.

Wrong Workout Duration

The workout duration that shows in Apple Health may be different from your actual workout duration.

The start time/date is currently set when you open a workout and it's marked ongoing. This start time/date is sent to Health when you tap finish.

It seems some people open the next workout in advance (to review the weights for example). When you do this and tap back, that workout is marked as ongoing. When you then tap finish, the workout time in Apple Health will be off. 

The workaround here is to avoid opening the next workout in advance. If you do it anyway, delete the ongoing workout (open and tap delete). There should be no ongoing workout on your homescreen before you log it.

We plan to have a fix for this too in a future version of the app.

No Apple Health on iPad

Apple doesn't offer Apple Health on iPad. Therefore, if you log workouts on the iPad, your iPad will not be able to sync them with Apple Health, as there is no connection. Please log workouts from iPhone if you want them to sync with Apple Health.

Apple Watch Warning

The StrongLifts app does not work with Apple Watch at this time. We plan to add this in the future (can't say when). For now, do no track your workouts with your Apple Watch and the StrongLifts app the same time. If you do so, Apple will save the Apple Watch data and thus the StrongLifts data will not show in Health. 

It may be possible to prioritize the data sources (see - But easier is to only track with the StrongLifts app as we are sending the total workout time plus estimated calories burned to Health anyway. The Apple Watch data is redundant.