Stronglifts: How to Sync with Apple Health

StrongLifts syncs your body-weight and new workouts with Apple Health

  • Apple Health will send your body-weight to StrongLifts so you don't have to enter it every workout (helpful if you have a digital scale).
  • StrongLifts will send new workouts, total workout time, and estimated calories burned to Apple Health. Note that only new workouts are sent to Apple health, not old ones
  • Workouts logged with Apple Watch will also sync with Apple Health - StrongLifts will send estimated calories, heart rate, workout duration, etc.

Activity Goals

StrongLifts 5x5 workouts will count towards your activity goals and badges.

Some users have reported StrongLifts needs to be set as the highest priority app inside Apple Health for this to work.

  • Open Apple Health, tap "Workouts"
  • Scroll down to "Data Sources & Access"
  • Scroll down to "Data Sources", tap Edit
  • Move StrongLifts up, so it has higher priority (you may need to put it higher than Apple Watch)
  • Follow the same steps for Apple Health - Active Energy.
Note: workouts logged with StrongLifts on Apple Watch will automatically count towards your activity goals. There is thus no need to log your workout separately with Apple's workout App. StrongLifts will send all workout data to Apple health (estimated calories, workout duration, heart rate, etc)

Workouts Don't Sync

First, only newly logged workouts will sync with Apple Health. Anything logged before you enabled Apple Health sync inside StrongLifts will not sync with Apple Health.

If you logged a workout and it doesn't show in Apple Health, please try this:

  1. Open StrongLifts and go to settings - Apple Health.
  2. Enable "Sync with Apple Health" (green button is enabled). If this doesn't work, we've been told that sometimes a restart of the iPhone is needed for this to work.
  3. Open Apple Health - tap "Sources" at the bottom and choose StrongLifts. Allow StrongLifts to write data for Active Energy, Weight, and Workouts. These three options must all have a green button so StrongLifts can update Apple Health.
  4. Log a new workout. Enter all sets then tap done. Calories will be low because the workout only lasted a couple of seconds as you entered it quickly. But the workout should show.

We don't offer any way to manually sync an old workout with Apple Health. You can however delete the workout inside StrongLifts, log it again, and the workout will show.

No Apple Health on iPad

Apple doesn't offer Apple Health on iPad. Therefore, if you log workouts on the iPad, your iPad will not be able to sync them with Apple Health, as there is no connection. Please log workouts from iPhone if you want them to sync with Apple Health.