Stronglifts: How to Log Sets and Reps (Android)

Each circle on the log workout screen represents a set.

Tap on a set circle for the reps to show inside it. On the first tap you'll see the maximum amount of reps configured on that exercise. Example: Squats are by default 5x5 - five sets of five reps. You therefore see five circles, each standing for one set. Tap the first circle and you'll see 5. This is the maximum reps configured for that exercise. This means it only takes one tap on a set circle to log a successful set of five reps.

Stronglifts log reps scree

If you fail to get five reps, tap the circle several times in a row. Each tap will make the reps decrease from five all the way down to zero. Keep tapping and it will reset to blank and then back to five. So if you only did three reps instead of five, tap three times on the set circle until the number three shows. The app will consider the failed reps to determine how much weight to lift next workout (you'll have to either repeat the weight or deload depending your previous workouts). 

Stronglifts log reps 2 screen

If you didn't do a set or exercise at all, just leave the set(s) blank. The app will consider it skipped and recommend the proper weight the next workout.

Since you'll usually get all reps on most sets, tapping is minimal. You'll usually won't be tapping more than once on a set circle.

You can also log workouts from the notifications.

Stronglifts notifications screen

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