How to Log from Notifications (Android)

You can log your workouts straight from the notifications on Android, without unlocking your screen, if you upgrade to StrongLifts Pro. This feature is currently only available on Android devices, not on iOS.

Just open the app, go to the homescreen, and tap the next workout. Now check your notifications and you'll find one for StrongLifts with two buttons. DONE enters five reps while FAILED opens the app to enter sets. Since you usually get 5 reps you'll rarely have to unlock your phone. You can log everything from the notifications. The rest timer also shows in the notifications after you enter your first set.

If you don't see notifications for StrongLifts, they're probably blocked. Enable them by going to your phone settings - notifications - StrongLifts. The first option "Block all" must be disabled. If it's enabled the notifications won't show.

If you see notifications but no buttons, they're probably collapsed. Android sometimes does this, and it's unfortunately outside of our control. You can however make the buttons show by swiping the notification down. It's a quick swipe down gesture on the notification itself.

If the notification shows but it says "contents hidden" under StrongLifts, check your privacy settings. Go to your phone settings - sound and notifications and then "when device is locked" or "locked screen". Choose to show all content here. Do not hide or the button won't show.

When you've entered all sets, a different notification will show "Workout Done". The buttons on this notification are different - FINISH to mark the workout as done, or SHARE to share the workout with your friends. You can hide the notification by tapping FINISH (do a slide down gesture on the notification if you see no buttons).