Stronglifts: How to Log from Notifications (Android)

You can log your workouts straight from the notifications on Android, without unlocking your screen.

  1. Select "Start Workout"

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Log a set, then you are able to lock your phone and log from notifications

Stronglifts workout screen

You'll now find one notification StrongLifts with two buttons. 

Stronglifts notifications screen

  • DONE logs a successful set (5 if the goal is 5 reps, 12 if the goal is 12 reps, etc). Most of the time you complete all sets, so you'll tap the done button.
  • FAILED logs one rep less than planned (4 if the goal is 5 reps, 11 if the goal is 12 reps, etc). Tap the notification itself to open StrongLifts and enter the exact amount.

Notice that the rest timer also shows on the notification. You don't need to unlock your phone between sets to check how long you've been resting or to log your sets.

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