How to Use Android Wear

The StrongLifts app works with Android Wear smartwatches.

You can log your sets straight from your Android Wear smartwatch, and get rest-timer notifications. The plate calculator and warmup sets are not available at this time, but outside of this you can do everything from your smartwatch without unlocking your phone.

if you don't see StrongLifts on your Android Wear smartwatch, please try this...

  1. Uninstall the app on your phone. 
  2. Factory reset your Android wear device (in the device settings). 
  3. The reinstall the app. Link

Samsung Gear Notice

The Samsung Gear Sx devices are not Android Wear compatible. Samsung uses its own operating system called "Tizen". This operating system can't run any of the thousands of Android Wear apps on the Google Play store. It can't run our app either. Our app only works on Android Wear smartwatches.