How to Change Sets and Reps (iPhone)

NOTE: this is a PRO feature.

You can change the sets/reps:

  • Start workout - tap the weight - tap sets/reps; OR
  • From the homescreen - tap edit - workout - exercise - sets/reps

From here you can pick from some popular sets/reps range, or create your own.

Straight sets vs Non-straight sets

The default StrongLifts 5x5 program uses straight sets.

  • Straight sets example: Squat 5x5 100kg
  • This means you do 5 sets of 5 reps with 100kg on all sets
  • You Squat 100kg for 5 reps, for a total of 5 sets (with rest inbetween)
  • Your warmup is not included in the 5x5, they're in the warmup tab of the workout screen

On the other hand, Madcow 5x5 uses non-straight sets - ramp sets to be specific

  • Workout A Madcow 5x5 could be: 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 5x90, 5x100kg, 5x110kg
  • So here you do 5 sets as well, but the weight is not the same on all sets. It increases.
  • Again, your warmup is not included here, that is separate in the warmup tab of the workout screen

By default, StrongLifts is set to use straight sets. But you can switch to non-staight sets easily

  • Home - edit - tap the workout - tap the exercise - sets/reps - disable "straight sets"; OR
  • Start workout - tap the weight - tap sets/reps - disable "straight sets"

A sets/reps table will then show, where you can enter different reps and/or weights per set. You could use that to create:

  • Ramp sets like in Madcow 5x5 workout A (5x70kg, 5x80kg, 5x90, 5x100kg, 5x110kg)
  • Drop sets like in madcow 5x5 workout C (5x80, 5x95, 5x110kg, 3x130kg, 8x95kg)
  • Top/back off sets (ex: 5x100kg, then 2x5 90kg, then 2x5 80kg)
  • Pyramid sets: 10x80kg, 8x90kg, 6x100kg, 8x90kg, 10x80kg
  • Reverse pyramid sets: 6x100kg, 8x90kg, 10x80kg, 8x90kg, 6x100kg
  • ETC

Max sets amount of work sets is currently 5 (because the log workout screen doesn't have horizontal space for more than 5 circles...), but we plan to expand that in a future version of the app.