Supported Devices

The StrongLifts app works on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 10 or later.

We no longer support iOS7/8/9. As  Apple's numbers show, the majority of people use iOS10. Our stats show even greater users on iOS10 for the StrongLIfts app. We're therefore not supporting outdated operating systems only used by a small amount of people. This keeps things simple, and the quality of the app high.

If you're still running an older version of iOS...

The StrongLifts app works on the iPad as well. We haven't built an "HD" version of the app to deal with the iPad bigger screen size. The iPad will just show a bigger version of the app on your iPhone. It doesn't look as great, but it works fine. You can  sync your workouts by logging in with the same Google/Facebook account. You can unlock the Power Pack by setting up the same Apple ID. 

The StrongLifts app doesn't support Apple Watch at the moment. We plan to add support for Apple Watch. However we can't give you any estimated date for this.