Stronglifts: How to Backup Workouts (iPhone)

Your workouts are automatically backed up to our servers when you login with Apple, Google or Facebook. We do not offer an email login at this time.

Any workout you log while signed in is backed up to our servers. If you lose your phone, break it or switch to a new one, all your workouts will be back when you sign in with the same Apple, Google or Facebook account on the new device. We therefore recommend you sign in and stayed signed in the whole time.

Please note that workouts logged while signed out are not backed up to our servers. They're saved locally on your device. So if you lose or break it, you'll also lose all your workouts. We won't be able recover them since we never got them in the first place. You'll have to start from scratch. Sign in so this can't happen.

You can check if you're signed in like this:

  1. Select "Settings"

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. See "Profile", it will feature your email address if you are logged in. See step 3 if you are not logged in.

Stronglifts app settings screen

  1. If not signed in, select "Profile" and sign in with an option below

Stronglifts Profile email login options screen

How to Recover Workouts on a New Device

For a full article on how to recover workouts on a new device, see below:

Updating Your Email 

Simply add the new email address to your existing facebook/google account. Then delete the email address that's going to expire. Since the facebook/google account remains, but only the email address associated with it changes, you won't lose any of your history or purchases. 

Here's how to update your email:

Resetting or Deleting Your Account

While logged in, go to menu - settings - reset to delete all your workouts and settings on our servers. The app will start from scratch, as if using it for the first time.