How to Recover Pro (iPhone)

StrongLifts checks the Apple ID setup on your phone, and if it finds an active subscription, unlocks the Pro features. So make sure you're signed in with the Apple ID that has an active Pro subscription.

You can check your subscription status inside StrongLifts - settings - account.

If StrongLifts Pro stops working

  1. Check that you purchased with this Apple ID. Go to your phone Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, view Apple ID, swipe up to Purchase history. See
  2. Change your Apple ID if you're not using the one you purchased with. Go to your phone settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID. See
  3. Enable in-app purchases in your phone settings > general > restrictions. See
  4. Try settings - restore purchases inside the StrongLifts app.
  5. Try to restart your device. See
  6. Check that your StrongLifts Pro subscription is active. Go to your phone settings >  [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, view Apple ID, select StrongLifts. 

If none of this works there might be a problem with your Apple ID account. Try to contact Apple directly. Link:

Android to iOS

StrongLifts Pro works cross-platform. Which means if you purchased Pro on Android, it will work on iOS. Simply login with the same Google/Facebook account, and your Pro purchase will be back under settings - account. If this doesn't work, contact us.