Stronglifts: Family Sharing (Android)

Family sharing is only available on iOS at the moment. It's not available on Android.

We would like to add family sharing on Android too. Because it's a popular plan on iOS. However, Google only supports family sharing for paid apps (Stronglifts is a free to download app). Google doesn't support family sharing for subscriptions and in-app purchases. This is explained here: (see "Purchases you can't use the family payment method for".)

If Google makes family sharing possible for subscriptions and in-app purchases, we'll be happy to implement it like on Android like we did on iOS.

If you're interested in a Family Plan we have one workaround:

  1. You pay us directly with Paypal for the Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family Plan
  2. We then manually give Pro access to up to 6 family members (by adding Pro to their account, used to login in Stronglifts - settings - profile)
  3. Up to 6 family members will get lifetime access to Stronglifts Pro (this will work whether they use Android or iOS, phone or tablet).

If you purchase Stronglifts Pro Lifetime for 6 family member individually, the cost would be $599.94 ($99.99 per person). But the Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family Plan only costs $179.99. That's a 40% discount if you use it for at least 3 family members, and a 70% discount if you use it for 6 family members (you save $419.95).

Here's the link to signup for StrongLifts Pro Lifetime Family Access

After you complete your payment, please email me at with a copy of your invoice.