Stronglifts: How To Replace Exercises In Your Workout (Android)

If you want to replace an exercise while working out, you can easily replace it to a similar one (default alternative), or any other exercise on Stronglifts, or create your own by following these steps:


This is a Pro feature only.

  1. Select “Start Workout”

Stronglifts weight lifting app

  1. Tap on the exercise you want to replace

Stronglifts replace exercises

  1. Select “Replace”

Stronglifts replace exercsie android

  1. Pick an exercise in the list (we'll recommend several alternatives by default)

Stronglifts exercise list android

  1. If you don't like any of the default alternative exercises, just tap the "x" in the top left corner to see all exercises. Use the Search icon to find specific exercises. Alternatively, you tap "create' in the bottom right corner to create your own.

Stronglifts create exercise

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