Stronglifts: How To Create Custom Programs (Android)

If you would like to create a custom program in Stronglifts, we have all the features necessary to do so on you Android device. Stronglifts Pro give you the ability to tailor your program to your needs, while still being able to make use of all the apps useful features. Here's how you can create your own program.


This is a Pro feature only.

  1. Select "Programs"

Stronglifts Custom Program

  1. Select "Create"

Stronglifts app programs screen

  1. Select a program name and select "Save"

Stronglifts crate program name screen

  1. It should automatically select your custom program, you can see your selected program as it will highlight the programs border.

Stronglifts programs screen program selected

  1. Now to tailor your workouts in your program, select the "Workouts" tab followed by the options button to either duplicate, remove or rename this specific workout.

Stronglifts edit custom program screen

  1. For this example, we are going to remove this workout as we are going to create our own later.

Stronglifts custom program screen remove option

  1. Now, that we have deleted a previous workout, let's edit the one remaining to change the exercises involved. Simply select the workout bar to edit this.

Stronglifts custom program screen

  1. Now we are looking at a workout in the program. You can edit the exercises as you like by removing them and adding new ones. For this example, let's remove the squat. Select the options button.

Stronglifts edit workout custom program screen

  1. After selecting the options, you can remove this exercise.

Stronglifts remove exercise custom program screen

  1. Now, to add an exercise select "Add Exercise".

Strongifts add exercise custom program screen

  1. Select an exercise you would like add to the workout, followed by the tick button in the top right corner.

Stronglifts select exercise custom program screen

  1. Now we have a workout we are happy with. Let's add another workout by selecting "Add Workout".

Stronglifts add workout custom program screen

  1. Stronglifts will automatically add a default workout, you can tailor it how you like by following steps 7-11 again for this specific workout. Once you have edited your Workouts in your Program, select the Home button to see your new schedule.

Stronglifts programs screen

  1. Now you're ready to start your first workout in your new custom built program.

Strongifts weightlifting app home screen


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