Stronglifts: How To Add An Exercise (Android)


This is a Pro feature only.

Adding an exercise in the Stronglifts app is simple. We have a default list of over 100 exercises with videos and form breakdowns for you to choose from. If the exercise you want doesn't appear on the list, you can create your own.

You can add exercises to your workout like this:

  1. Select Start Workout

Stronglifts weightlifitng app home screen

  1. Select "Edit"

Stronglifts workout screen

  1. Select "Add Exercise"

Stronglifts edit workout screen

  1. Select an exercise from the list or "Create Exercise" to make your own. Select the " i " button to see in-depth breakdown and video tutorial for that exercise.

Stronglifts default list edit workout screen

The exercise you add to your workout will feature in that workout going forward. If you want to remove it, you can do so like this:

  1. On the Edit screen, select the three dots and then select remove

Stronglifts edit workout screen

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