Stronglifts: How to Customize Workouts (iPhone)


  • We originally created the StrongLifts app to follow the StrongLifts 5x5 program described here -
  • However, StrongLifts 5x5 is not a program that you should do forever. Any program will become less effective over time. Your body will get used to it, and you will need a change. What gets your Squat from 0 to 100kg is unlikely to also increase it to 200kg. As your body changes, you will need changes in programming as well.
  • The StrongLifts app therefore makes it possible to customize the training program so that you can keep making progress post StrongLifts 5x5.

How to Customize Workouts A/B

  • You can change the exercises, sets/reps, and exercise order of the default workout A/B
  • From the homescreen - tap edit at the top - then tap each workout to change exercises/order/setsxreps. 
  • Example: instead of Squats 5x5 in A/B, you could do a lighter Front Squat for 3x10 in workout B
  • Example 2: instead of Deadlfit 1x5, you could do Deadlift 5x5 in workout B and Squats in A only.
  • Example 3: you can add exercises to target the arms/abs to each workout
  • Note that this is a Pro feature

How to Create Extra Workouts C/D/E/F

  • Homescreen - edit - tap add workout
  • Example: madcow-style heavy/light/medium program - 5x5 Squat in A, 3x10 Lunges in B, 3x3 Front Squats in C
  • This is a Pro feature well

If you need help making a personalized program, contact us.