Stronglifts: How to Add Assistance Exercises (Android)

Assistance work is extra exercises to work smaller muscles like the biceps or abs directly.

Every Stronglifts program comes with optional assistance work. We will recommend exercises, sets and reps based on your goals.

Here's how to access the assistance work...

  1. Open Stronglifts and go to "Programs".

Stronglifts home screen

  1. Tap on a program in the list.

Stronglifts app programs page

  1. Pick a template based on the exercises you prefer to do (swipe left/right), and then tap "Assistance Work".

Stronglifts program customiation page

  1. Select the assistance template you prefer (swipe left/right).

Stronglifts workout templates page

You can tap "Set weights" at the bottom to set your starting weights.

After that, the assistance work you selected will be part of your program.

For more information about assistance work, please read the guide.