Stronglifts: How to Add Assistance Exercises (Android)

There are two options to add assistance exercises to your workouts. The first involves performing a reset of your program, where you are able to add recommended preset exercises according to your program. Please note you will not lose any data by doing this. The second involves adding exercises to your current programs where you are able to choose or create your own assistance exercises.

You can add assistance exercises on the Stronglifts App like this:

  1. Select "Programs"

Stronglifts home screen

  1. Select the program you wish to use, or the three dots next to your current program followed by "Setup"

Stronglifts app programs page

  1. Choose a workout template for the base exercises of the program you have selected, followed by "Next: assistance work"

Stronglifts program customiation page

  1. Select the assistance template and click "Next: set weights"

Stronglifts workout templates page

  1. Select "Change Weights" and enter your recent best lifts and edit the "On-Ramp" settings to decide how quickly you return to those weights. Followed by selecting "Start Program"

Stronglifts start program screen

How To Add Assistance Exercises Without Resetting Your program

Alternatively, you can add assistance exercises in your workouts by adding/creating a new exercise.

See this:

You can select one or several exercises from the list of default exercises to add to your workout.

Each exercise has a video with instructions in case you're not familiar with it.

Tap the filter icon in the top right corner to filter exercises by movement ("Squats") or muscles ("legs) or equipment ("barbell"). You can use this to find similar exercises when you want to replace one.