Stronglifts: How to Buy Pro (Android)

You can upgrade to Pro inside the StrongLifts app. 

  1. Make sure you have the latest app version installed -

  1. Select "Get Pro" in the top left corner or select "Settings"

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Account"

Stronglifts settings screen

  1. Select your plan and follow the steps

Stronglifts Purchase screen

Done. You’ll get access to all the StrongLifts Pro features after that.

The price of StrongLifts Pro depends on your location, currency and taxes. The yearly fee is 50x cheaper than a coach. It's about the same as what you'd pay for one tub of whey protein. To see the exact price, go to settings - subscription.

If you don't like/want subscriptions, a lifetime one-time payment is also available. It's the most cost-effective option if you're serious about lifting and plan to do it for years.

You can receive 15% off Lifetime when you purchase through our website:

If you have any queries, please contact us at: