Stronglifts timer freezing and lost sets on Android devices

The Stronglifts timer will freeze if you put the battery settings in restricted or optimized mode. Logged sets can disappear and ongoing workouts erased.

Here's how to fix this:

  1. On your homescreen, tap/hold on Stronglifts
  2. Select "App info"
  3. Go to "battery usage"
  4. Put this to "unrestricted"
Now log a set in Stronglifts so the timer runs. Switch apps, come back, the timer will still run and your logged sets will keep showing. Problem solved.
If you put the battery setting of Stronglifts in restricted or optimized mode, your phone will try to save battery life by killing the timer when switching apps. Logged sets and ongoing workouts can be completely lost.

If you have a Xiaomi device see also this: