Stronglifts: How To Create An Exercise (Android)

We are continuously adding new exercises to Stronglifts to expand on our offering to give you the largest variety of exercises to choose from. Should an exercise you wish to add to your program not feature in the app, let us know and we will consider adding it.


In the meantime, here is how you can create your own exercise.


This is a Pro feature only.

Create An Exercise To Replace Another In Your Current Workout:

See this article -

Creating A New Exercise For Your Program

  1. Select “Programs”

Stronglifts programs

  1. Select “Workouts”

Stronglifts workouts

  1. Select the workout you want to add the exercise to

Stronglifts workout A

  1. Either select “Edit” to remove an exercise you want to replace your new exercise with and/or select “Add Exercise” to add your new exercise to your workout.

Stronglifts create own exercise

  1. Select “Create”

Stronglifts create own exercise

  1. Create the exercise to your liking. To create a timed exercise, select “Type” and change it to “Set x Duration”. This is particularly useful for tracking HIIT workouts.

Stronglifts custom exercise

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