Stronglifts: How To Edit Plates (iPhone)


This is a Pro feature only.

The Stronglifts Weightlifting app gives you complete control over your workouts. Whether you work out at a commercial gym or at home, you can set the app up to reflect what you have around you. Our Plate Calculator and suggested weights are based on what you have loaded in the app ( we won't suggest weights you aren't able to use).

Here's how you can edit your available plates:

  1. Start your workout

Stronglifts weighlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Sets x Reps Weight"

Stronglifts workout screen

  1. Select "Plates"

Stronglifts edit exercise screen

  1. Select "Edit" to remove current plates or select "Add Plates" to add additional plates

Stronglifts plate screen

The plates automatically apply for all exercises, so you don't need to follow the same steps for other exercises. Your workouts will now be tailored to the weights you have available!

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