Stronglifts: How to Change Increments (iPhone)

StrongLifts automatically adds weight each workout if you completed five reps on every set last time you did an exercise.

These are the default increments:

  • Squat/Barbell Row: 2.5kg/5lb per workout
  • Bench/Overhead Press: 2.5kg/5lb per workout. After three fails, the app will suggest microloading - 1kg/2lb increments.
  • Deadlifts: 5kg/10lb per workout. Once you hit about 100kg/220lb the app will switch to smaller increments of 2.5kg/5lb per workout. 

If you fail to complete all reps on an exercise, StrongLifts will not add weight in the next workout you do that exercise. Instead, it will repeat the weight.

If you fail to complete all reps on an exercise for three workouts in a row, then StrongLifts will deload. It will reduce the weight by 10% next time you do that exercise.

How To Find Progression Settings

You can change all increments and deload settings easily in the Stronglifts App.

  1. Select "Start" workout

Stronglifts Weighlifting App homescreen

  1. Select "Set x Reps x Weight" tap increments.

Stronglifts app workout screen

Progression Settings

  • Progression - You can disable any form of progression here. This means the weight will not change at any time until it is changed again.

Stronglifts app sexercise settings screen

  • Increments - set how much weight you want the app to add each time you complete all sets on an exercise. From 0.1/01lb to 10kg/25lb (higher increments make no sense as they're unsustainable and cause plateaus). You can also disable here.

Stronglifts progression settings screen

  • Increment Frequency (how often increments are increased) - edit this feature to decide at which point the app will add weight. If you complete all sets on an exercise, the default setting is to increase the weight next time you do that exercise. But you can set that to increase every 2 or 3 workouts if you prefer a slower progression.

Stronglifts progression frequency progression screen

  • Deload - disable this if you don't want StrongLifts to automatically decrease the weight if you failed to complete all sets on an exercise last workout. Default is 10%

Stronglifts deload progression screen

  • Deload Frequency (When to deload) - if you fail to complete all sets on an exercise for 3 workouts in a row, then the weight decreases by 10% next time. You can change that to deload after 2 failed workouts already, or even one.

Stronglifts deload frequency progression screen

More information on the website:

Or, contact us at: support@stronglifts