Stronglifts: How to Change Increments (Android)

Stronglifts automatically adds weight next time you do the same exercise if you completed all sets last time.

Example: if you did 5x5 200lb Squats last workout, and you didn't miss any reps, then the weight will increase to 205lb next time you do Squats.

You can control how much weight Stronglifts adds each workout and how often it adds weight.

Here's how to do this...

  1. Open Stronglifts and tap "Start Workout".

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Tap the weight of the exercise for which you want to change the increments.

Stronglifts app workout screen

  1. Scroll down to the progression settings. Here you'll find the settings for increments - how much weight to add to each workout. By default, it's set to 2.5kg or 5lb. You can change it to less or more, or disable the feature.

Stonglifts increments screen

Next to the increment setting, you'll see "Frequency". This setting determines how quickly Stronglifts adds weight if you completed all sets the last time you did this exercise.

By default, if you complete all sets, the weight will increase the next time you do the same exercise. But you can choose to stay at the same weight for up to five sessions before adding more.

Below the increment setting, you'll see the deload settings.

Stronglifts deload screen

By default, if you fail to complete the sets on an exercise for three sessions in a row, Stronglifts will decrease the weight next time you do that exercise again. It will decrease it by 10% to give you extra rest before progressing again according to your increment settings.

For example: if you get stuck at 5x5 200lb, the weight will decrease to 5x5 180lb next workout. After this it will progress by 5lb/workout again from 180lb all the way back to 200lb over the next workouts.

Tap the deload setting to increase or decrease the deload percentage, or disable this feature. The frequency setting determines how many failed sessions it takes before Stronglifts initiates a deload. By default, you need to fail three workouts in a row for a deload to take place. But you can set this lower or higher if you prefer.

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