Stronglifts: How to Use The Rest Timer (Android)

The Stronglifts App built-in rest timer shows you how long to rest, and when to do your next set.

The timer recommends different rest periods based on your last set. After a failed set you'll get longer rest periods than after successful sets. This helps getting more reps on the next set.

How to Start The Timer

  1. Start your workout.
  2. Then tap the circle under the exercise name to enter your reps and mark the set done.

Strnglifts workout screen

  1. The timer will automatically show at the bottom of the workout screen

Stronglifts workout with timer screen

  1. Tap the next set for the timer to reset, and the next timer to start.

Stronglifts workout with timer screen 2

Enabling The Timer

To trigger the rest timer, tap any circle on the log workout screen. 

This means that whenever you complete a set, the rest-timer automatically starts for your next set. 

The timer is enabled by default so if you don't see it, it's probably disabled. Enable it like this:

  1. settings - timer - enable.

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Timer"

Stronglifts settings screen

  1. Enable the timer

Stronglifts settings timer screen

Rest Timer Notifications

You can set the timer notification like this:

  • Go to StronglIfts - settings - timer - make sure it's enabled.

Stronglifts settings timer screen 2

  • Success timer: this is how long to rest after a successful set, where you completed all reps. Default is 3min.
  • Fail timer: this is how long to rest after a failed set, where you didn't complete all reps. Default is 5min.
  • Ring/vibration: disable these if you don't want to hear any ringer/get vibrations when your rest time is up.

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