Stronglifts: How to Change Exercise Weight (iPhone)


When recording weights for your workouts, it's important to note that all weights indicated include the weight of the bar itself, as it is lifted during the exercise. For instance, if you see a notation like 100kg/220lb, this means there's a 20kg/45lb bar, with 40kg/87.5lb on each side.

To view the weight distribution on each side of the bar in your workout log, simply tap on the weight listed. For access to our plate calculator feature, which helps you determine which plates to add and how much weight to adjust, consider upgrading to StrongLifts Pro.

If you have prior training experience, it's advisable to commence your workout with approximately 50% of the maximum weight you can handle for 5 repetitions. Starting too heavy can lead to potential setbacks, so it's crucial to avoid this mistake.

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To Edit Weight In Your Current Workout (Option 1):

  1. Select "Start"

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Sets x Reps x Weight"

Stronglifts weightlifting app workout screen

  1. Edit the weight as you'd like here. Plate calculator requires Pro.

Stronglifts customisable exercise in workout screen

To Edit Weight In Your Current Workout (Option 2):

  1. Select "Start" the same way as mentioned above, now select and hold down the set which weight you want to change

Stronglifts weightlifting app workout screen

  1. Release and select "Change Weight"

Stronglifts workout screen hold feature

  1. Edit to the weight required

Stronglifts workout screen edit weight feature

How to Edit The Weight For Your Program:

  1. Select "Programs"

Stronglifts weighlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Weights"

Stronglifts programs screen

  1. Select and edit the weights as you'd like

Stronglifts customisable program screen

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