Stronglifts: How to Use The Timer (iPhone)

The Stronglifts App built-in rest timer shows you how long to rest, and when to do your next set.

The timer recommends different rest periods based on your last set. After a failed set you'll get longer rest periods than after successful sets. This helps getting more reps on the next set.

How to Start The Timer

  1. Start your workout.
  2. Then tap the circle under the exercise name to enter your reps and mark the set done.

  1. The timer will automatically show at the bottom of the workout screen

  1. Tap the next set for the timer to reset, and the next timer to start.

How to Enable Timer Notifications

The timer is enabled by default. To receive sound/banner notifications, you need to grant StrongLifts permissions. To edit timer notifications, follow these instructions:

  1. Select "Settings"

Stronglifts weightlifting app home screen

  1. Select "Timer"

Stronglifts settings page

  • Enable "Timer" to see the timer at the bottom of the log workout screen only.
  • Enable "Notifications" to receive sound notifications (timer rings) and banner alerts (when your phone is locked, and your rest period is up).
  • Enable "Individual Timers" to set rest times for each exercise.
  • You can customize these rest periods in settings - timer (for both successful and failed sets, successful set covers the last warmup set).

Stronglifts timer settings screen

If you can't enable notifications, please go to iPhone > settings > notifications > StrongLifts. Here enable "allow notifications". Then enable "banner alerts" and "sound" notifications. 

If you can't find StrongLifts in iPhone > settings > notifications, log a new workout first. Tap the first set circle and you'll get the notification permission prompt for StrongLifts. Tap "allow".

How to Enable Timer Rings

The timer will ring when your rest period is up.

  • The Timer only rings if your iPhone is in ring mode. The timer will not ring if your iPhone is in silent mode (this includes Do Not Disturb mode).
  • Make sure your volume is high enough to hear the timer. You may not hear it if the volume is too low.

Timer + Do Not Disturb Mode

The StrongLifts timer will not ring in Do not Disturb mode. This is by design - DND mode is intended to silence all calls and notifications.

If you don't want to get disturbed by calls/notifications while lifting, but you want to hear the StrongLIfts timer notifications, consider using AIRPLANE mode.

  • iPhone - settings - airplane mode - enable
  • Airplane mode blocks all calls and notifications during your workout, including internet access. This means you don't get disturbed at all.
  • StorngLIfts works fine in airplane mode. You can log workouts without issues. And your workouts will backup to our servers after you finish your workout and disable airplane mode.

A more radical approach is to disable ALL notifications on your device so you never get disturbed while lifting. I have few apps on my phone, and have disabled notifications for all of them. I then manually open an app to see if there's something new. You can disable all notifications under iPhone - settings - notifications.

Timer Volume Control

  • You can control the timer ring volume using the buttons on the side of your iPhone (or in iPhone > settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringer and Alerts)
  • If you don't want to hear the timer, disable notifications (StrongLifts - settings - timer - disable notifications), or put your iPhone in silent mode.

Timer on Bluetooth

To make sure you hear the timer when using Bluetooth speakers, you need to set the device to "Car Stereo"

  • iPhone - settings - bluetooth
  • Tap the info icon next to the bluetooth speakers
  • Select device type
  • Choose car stereo

The timer notification will now be played through the bluetooth speakers. The timer notification will interrupt the music by lowering the volume, then resuming it after the timer has played.

To make sure you hear the timer notifications, go to settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringer and Alerts > drag the volume slider all the way up.

Warmup Timer

The last warmup timer rings at 3mins by default. You can change this by changing the timer success rest period (StrongLifts - settings - timer - success timer).

All the other warmup timers don't ring. Because you're not supposed to rest between warmup sets. The weight is light, you just add weight on the bar and go. This gets you WARMED up faster than taking rest inbetween.

Only after the last warmup set does resting before the first work set makes sense. By default that last warmup set will ring at 3mins. If you want shorter rest periods, change the timer setting (StrongLifts - settings - timer - success timer).