Stronglifts: How to Log Sets and Reps (iPhone)

Here's how to log sets and reps with StrongLifts App:

  1. Select "Start" workout

Stronglifts Weightlifting app home screen

  • The log workout screen shows. By default, each exercises shows 5 circles. Each of those circles stands for a set. So, 5 circles means 5 sets.

Stronglifts app sets and reps

  • Tap the first circle, and the number 5 will show. That stands for the reps done in that set. So, when you tap the first circle, and it says 5, that means you did 5 reps on set one.

Stronglifts log reps screen

  • If you keep tapping the same circle several times in a row, then the reps will decrease from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 then blank then back to 5.

Stronglifts log less reps screen

  • Alternatively, you can press and hold on a set to log the number of reps done

Stronglifts hold to log reps screen

  • If you didn't do the set, just don't log it - leave it blank

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