How to Use The Graphs (Android)

The graphs are a visual representation of how your exercises and body-weight improve over time. Tap the graph icon at the bottom of the main homescreen to access them.


Tap the top right corner of the graph to switch the view between 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and all-time. If nothing shows when you select a view, then that means no workout logged for that period. Either you haven't logged any workouts yet, or you haven't logged any workouts recently.

As an example, let's say you trained for 6 months and then stop for a month. When you come back the 30 day view will be blank because you didn't log any workouts during that time. Just start logging workouts and the graphs will start showing again.


The main view shows all exercises and your body-weight at the same time.

You can slide left/right from this view to see each exercise/your body-weight individually. Tap any point on the line to know the weight value for that day.

If an exercise doesn't show on the graph, it usually means:

  • You didn't log enough workouts with that exercise yet. For example - you logged 3 workouts A so far but only one workouts B. The graph will not show anything for Overhead Press in this case as you only have one workout logged with it. Just keep logging workouts, and this will sort itself out.
  • The exercise line is hidden by another exercise with the same weight. If your Bench Press and Barbell Row have the exact same weight during the past workouts, then the line of the Bench could be hidden by Row. This will sort itself out by logging more workouts until the weights differ. You can slide left/right in the meanwhile to see the exercise independently and check how much you lifted on that exercise.

Assistance Exercises

Only the main exercises and body-weight show on the graphs at the moment. Assistance exercises don't show. Our thinking was that there's usually far less progress on popular exercises like Pullups or Curls. Graphing those exercises therefore makes less sense. However we are considering adding assistance exercises to the graph as well (don't ask when).