Family Sharing (iPhone)

With the new StrongLifts Family Plans, up to 6 family members get access all StrongLifts Pro features! 

In this guide: how to set up family sharing, and what to do if it doesn't work.


  • Family sharing works using Apple's family groups
  • You can share your purchase with up to six family members in your Apple family group.
  • Each family member needs an iOS device with an Apple ID. 
  • Purchases cannot be shared with Android devices,.

How to Set up Family Sharing

IMPORTANT: you should perform all steps below on the device you used to purchase Stronglifts Pro Family. 

  1. Go to your device settings, and tap your name at the top
  2. Tap “Family Sharing”, then tap “Set Up Your Family”
  3. Tap “Invite People”, select “Invite in Person”
  4. Ask your family member to enter their Apple ID and password to join your family. You will get a notification that the new family member has now been added to your family.
  5. Go back to your device settings, tap your name, tap "Family Sharing", then tap "Purchase sharing". Follow the steps on your screen to share your purchases with your family members.
  6. Go to app store, tap "Account", tap "Subscriptions", tap "Stronglifts", then enable "Share with Family".
  7. Go back to your device settings, tap your name. Under "Shared with your family" you will see "Stronglifts Pro Family". This means you've successfully shared Stronglifts Pro with your family members.

Now take the device of your family member

  1. Go to their device settings, and tap their name at the top
  2. Under "Shared with your family" you should see "Stronglifts Pro Family" (if not repeat the steps above).
  3. Open the Stronglifts app, go to settings, tap "Subscription", then tap "Restore Purchase"
  4. Tap start workout - tap warmup - you should see the warmup calculator. This means Pro works.

Fore more info about setting up family sharing, see also Apple's guide at:

If Family Sharing Doesn't work

If family sharing doesn't work after following the steps above, please check this:

  1. Go to iPhone settings > Apple ID (your name at the top) > Media & Purchases - Purchase history. Find StrongLifts here.
  2. If you can't find StrongLIfts in the purchase history, you may have purchased StrongLifts Pro on a different Apple ID account.
  3. If so, add that Apple ID account to your family group too (please check your Apple invoice to see which account you purchased with).
  4. Once you've added all the Apple ID accounts (yours + family), then go to iPhone settings > Apple ID > Family Sharing > purchase sharing
  5. Make sure the proper Apple ID account is selected at the top, and enable "Share Purchases with Family"
  6. After that go to the device of your family member, open StrongLifts - settings - subscription - recover purchase.
  7. If it doesn't work, try to remove the family member from your family group, and add them again. Then go back to StrongLifts settings - subscription - recover purchase. It should work now.
For help, email me at (best to contact me from the app - settings - report an issue - this way I have your device and purchase info)