Family Sharing (iPhone)

Family sharing is available for both StrongLifts Pro Yearly and StrongLifts Pro Lifetime!

This means that if you have an active StrongLifts Pro Yearly subscription, or purchased StrongLifts Pro lifetime... then any of your family members will have access to all StrongLifts Pro features too (at no additional cost).

To enable Family Sharing, you need to setup a Family Group on your iOS device. Please check Apple's guide for the exact steps:

If family sharing doesn't work after following the steps above, please check this:

  1. Go to iPhone settings > Apple ID (your name at the top) > Media & Purchases - Purchase history. Find StrongLifts here.
  2. If you can't find StrongLIfts in the purchase history, you may have purchased StrongLifts Pro on a different Apple ID account.
  3. If so, add that Apple ID account to your family group too (please check your Apple invoice to see which account you purchased with).
  4. Once you've added all the Apple ID accounts (yours + family), then go to iPhone settings > Apple ID > purchase sharing.
  5. Make sure the proper Apple ID account is selected at the top, and enable "Share Purchases with Family"
  6. After that go to the device of your family member, open StrongLifts - settings - recover purchase.