Stronglifts: Family Sharing (iPhone)

With Stronglifts Pro Family, up to six family members can gain access to all Stronglifts Pro features.

Stronglifts Pro Family works using Apple's Family Sharing. The person who made the purchase needs to set up a Family Group on their device and invite family members to join. After this, Stronglifts Pro Family can be shared with every family member in the group.

This guide will show you how to share Stronglifts Pro Family with your family members.

How to Set Up Family Sharing

The first step is to set up family sharing.

  1. Take the device on which you purchased Stronglifts Pro Family.
  2. Go to your device settings and tap your name. Tap "Family Sharing," then tap "Set Up Your Family."
  3. Tap "Invite People" and select "Invite in Person." Your family member will need to enter their Apple ID and password.
  4. After this, you'll receive a notification that they've been added to your family group.

How to Share Stronglifts Pro Family

Once you've set up Family Sharing, you need to share the purchase with your family member. How to do this depends on the type of family plan that you purchased.

  • Stronglifts Pro Family Yearly. If you purchased this plan, go to the App Store, tap "Account", tap "Subscriptions", tap "Stronglifts", then enable "Share with Family".
  • Stronglifts Pro Family Lifetime. If you purchased this plan, go to your device settings - tap "Family Sharing", then tap "Purchase Sharing." Enable "Share Purchases with Family".

What To Do if Family Sharing Doesn't Work

If your family members don't have access to Stronglifts Pro Family after following the steps above, please try the following:

  • Update iOS to the latest version. We've had cases where family sharing didn't work because one of the devices was using an outdated version of iOS. Please go to your device settings - general - software update. You should do this for every device that needs access to Stronglifts Pro Family.
  • Update Stronglifts to the latest version. Stronglifts Pro Family may not work if one of the devices uses an outdated version of Stronglifts. Please update by going to the App Store - Account - Updates - find Stronglifts - tap Update.
  • Update the App Store region. We've had cases where Family Sharing didn't work because one of the family members used a different App Store region. It seems like Apple requires the same region for every family member. You can change the App Store region by going to your device settings, tap your name, tap "Media & Purchases," tap "View Account," sign in if needed, tap "Country/Region," tap "Change Country or Region," then select the same region as the family member who purchased Stronglifts Pro Family.

If it still doesn't work after that, please email us for assistance. Contact us from Stronglifts - settings - report an issue (or email

Stronglifts Pro Family FAQs

How do I upgrade to Stronglifts Pro Family?

Simply go to Stronglifts - settings - subscription. You'll find options to upgrade to Stronglifts Pro Family Yearly and Stronglifts Pro Family Lifetime. If you have already purchased Stronglifts Pro Lifetime for yourself, you'll find an option to upgrade to Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family on the same screen.

Can I share Stronglifts Pro Family with family members without an iOS device?

Stronglifts Pro Family, purchased on iOS, requires Apple's Family Sharing to work. Apple doesn't allow Android devices to be added to an Apple Family Group. Stronglifts Pro Family is also not available as a purchase on Android due to Google's restrictions. But we have a workaround here.

Why does Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family not show in my subscriptions?

It's not a subscription. There is no recurring fee. It's a one-time purchase. So it doesn't show there.​​ Only Stronglifts Pro Family Yearly will show in your subscriptions.

You can share Stronglifts Pro Family Lifetime by going to your device settings > tap "Family Sharing", then tap "Purchase Sharing." Enable "Share Purchases with Family". This will automatically share Stronglifts Pro Lifetime Family with all your family members.

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