StrongLifts: Apple Watch Can't Connect

When you open StrongLifts on your Apple Watch, you can get a screen "Open Stronglifts on iPhone". It looks like this:

Stronglifts app won't open on Apple Watch

This screen will show in several situations:

  • You start a workout on the watch without phone connection
  • You finished your workout on the watch without phone connection
  • You have never opened Stronglifts on your phone or never logged a workout.

StrongLifts needs your watch to be connected with your phone when you start and finish each workout. All workout logic is on the phone app. The watch needs to connect with your phone to load your workout. After this you can log your workout on your watch without phone connection. When you finish your workout, the phone connection is needed again to save the workout you finished.

Open StrongLifts on your iPhone when you get this prompt on your watch. This will load the workout on your watch, or save your workout to your phone.

If this doesn't work:

  1. Check your connection. Enable wifi and/or bluetooth so your phone can connect. On your watch, go to clock > control center (swipe up). The phone icon should be green.
  2. Restart your watch. The connection between your phone and watch could be stuck. This is a common issue on older watch models with less memory. Try to restart your watch.
  3. Enable Apple Health. Older watch models have a slower and less reliable phone sync when apple health is disabled. Please enable apple health in your watch > settings > health > apps > StrongLifts.
  4. Update your watch and phone. Install the the latest version of WatchOS, IOS, and StrongLifts
    1. Watch: on your iPhone, open the watch app, my watch > general > software update
    2. iPhone: settings > general > software update
    3. App store: account > updates - update StrongLifts (both on phone and watch)
  5. If you replaced your watch by a new one, or you have sync issues with other apple apps, try to unpair and erase your watch. See apple's guide:

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