StrongLifts for Apple Watch

You can log your full workout with Apple Watch, without using your iPhone

  • Work sets and warmup sets will show on Apple Watch
  • Timer between sets works on Apple Watch (with haptic feedback)
  • Once finished, workout duration, avg heart rate, estimated calories, etc will sync to Apple Health/Activity

Do Not Use Apple Workout App

Some StrongLIfters seem to use the Apple Workout App and StrongLifts at the same time on Apple Watch. 

First, this doesn't work - StrongLifts will kill the Apple workout app, because only one can be used at the same time. 

Second, it's not necessary to start the workout Apple Workout App, because StrongLifts will send ALL workout data to Apple Health/Activity already. This includes estimated calories burned, workout duration, average heart rate, workout data, etc. so it would be redundant to use two apps to do the same thing.

The only benefit of starting the Apple Workout app would be to see your heart rate during the workout. This is not something that StrongLifts does right now. We do gather the heart rate and send it post-workout to Apple Health/Actiivty. But we don't show it mid-workout becuase StrongLifts is a strength trainign workout. Heart rate has little benefit for us - maybe to know when your heart rate has resumed to normal after a hard set. But it will be back to normal by the time the rest time is up, or you can simply pay attention to your breathing having returned to normal.

Maybe we change this in the future. But right now we haven't received many requests for shoing heart rate mid-workout, and it just seems like over-complicating things with little benefit. If you can make a strong case for it, contact us.

So: don't use the Apple workout app while using StrongLifts. Just log with StrongLifts only.