Stronglifts: How To Recover Workouts (Android)


Only backed-up workouts will be able to be recovered on a new device. Please make sure you are correctly backing up your device:

  • We cannot recover workouts that were saved on your device only, in a logged out state. We can only recover workouts logged saved to our server while you were signed in.
  • We cannot recover workouts from Google Fit into StrongLifts. We can only send new workouts from StrongLifts to Google Fit.

How To Recover Workouts On A New Device

Login with the same Apple, Google or Facebook account and your workouts will show.

You can do this by:

  1. Selecting "Settings"

Stronglifts WEightlifting app home screen

  1. Selecting "Profile"

Stronglifts app settings screen

  1. Log in with your email from your account

Stronglifts login options screen

If your workouts don't show

  • You may have logged in with a different account. Logout under settings - account. Then log back in with another Apple, Google or Facebook account you may have.
  • You may have logged using a different method. If you logged in with Google before, log back in with Google (not Facebook - even if the email matches).
  • You may have never been logged in. If you're switching from an old device, login there first, then login with the same account on the new device, workouts will show.

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