How to Backup Workouts (Android)

Your workouts are automatically backed up to our servers when you login with Google or Facebook.

This means any workout you do while logged in is backed up to our servers. If you then lose your phone, break it or switch to a new one... all your workouts will be back when you login with the same Google or Facebook account on the new device. We therefore recommend you login and stayed logged in the whole time.

Please note that workout done while logged out are not backed up to our servers. They're saved locally on your device. So if you lose or break it, you'll also lose all your workouts. We won't be able recover them since we never got them in the first place. You'll have to start from scratch. Login so this can't happen.

You can check if you're logged in by going to settings - account.

Permissions Required

To backup your workouts using your Google login, we need the following permissions:

  • Identity:  find accounts on the device
  • Contacts:  find accounts on the device

(All permissions are listed on the StrongLifts app Google play page  here, at the bottom under "Permissions", when you click the link).

This permission means we need to find your google account on your device. We need it to verify your identity before we can log you into our servers. We don't need your contacts however, nor do we read your emails. We have no use for any of this. We only need to log you in.

If you deny this permission, the google login will not work. You'll get an error when you login. You'll lose your workouts if you break or lose your phone. Either allow the permission so the backup through google login works. Or use Facebook login instead.

How to Recover Workouts on a New Device

Login with the same Google or Facebook account and your workouts will show. If they don't, you've logged in with a different account. Logout, then login with the correct Google or Facebook account. You can go to settings - account on the old device to check the email address linked. Make sure it matches.

If you never logged in on your previous device, and you still have it, then login with google/facebook on that device to backup your workouts on our servers. Then login with your new device using the same account and you workouts will show. If this also doesn't work, logout on both devices. Then login with the old device, go to menu - settings - reset (again, only do this if you *never* logged in on your previous device).Then login again with the old device to backup your workouts again. Then login with the new device and your workouts will show.

If you don't have your old device anymore, you'll have to manually add your workouts back on the new device. Just go to the calendar and tap a date to add the workout back. You can tap the weight of a workout to change the weight to where you were at now. Make sure you login first on the new device so your workouts are backed up to our servers. This way you don't lose your workouts if you switch to another device later or lose your phone.

Google Fit Warning

Note that StrongLifts workouts are never pulled back from Google Fit to StrongLifts. We send them to Google Fit but never pull them back. Your workouts will be recovered from our own servers when you login inside StrongLIfts - settings - account with your Google/Facebook. Your workouts will never be recovered from Google Fit.

You Must Stay Logged In For Backup to Work

Some people login, do a workout, then logout. They workout for weeks in a logged out state. One day they login and notice their workouts are gone. Or they switch to a new device, login, and none of their workouts are back.

This is normal. The workouts were never backed up to our servers because you did them in a logged out state. They were saved on the device only. That's why when you login you see different data. Only the workouts done in logged state are back. The rest not.

If you made the mistake of doing workouts in a logged out state, just logged in, and discovered you're missing workouts, then try this:

  • Logout and check if all your workouts show 
  • If they do, login again, and go to menu - settings - reset. This deletes everything on our servers 
  • Login again and all the workouts saved on your device will backup to our servers 
  • Stay logged in after that to make sure you don't lose any workouts in the future

If your workouts don't show after logging out, login again and manually add the workouts back. Make sure you stay logged in going forward so you don't lose any workouts in the future.

Updating Your Email 

Simply add the new email address to your existing facebook/google account. Then delete the email address that's going to expire. Since the facebook/google account remains, but only the email address associated with it changes, you won't lose any of your history or purchases. 

Here's how to update your email:

Resetting or Deleting Your Account

While logged in, go to menu - settings - reset to delete all your workouts and settings on our servers. The app will start from scratch, as if using it for the first time.